Jive [URL] 29.12.2005 10:40 am
I am forming an ad hoc committee concerning the prevention of cruelty to sausage rolls and how to go about tackling an arduous undertaking such as this. All are welcome to join. Tea and biscuits w...
Tim Lord [URL] 06.12.2005 05:08 pm
Hi Guys, looking for bands for the battle of the bands in Newquay?? 250 up for grabs in the next 2 weeks plus 1000 cash could be yours if you make it through on the 27th December, plus recording time,
Chiv 15.11.2005 11:12 pm
Arbalarbalee, arbalarbalee, fried onions, pressed mallets and a big barrel of toaster elephants is all I need to worry about flying the maple syrup. Please help.
HiP.P [URL] 06.11.2005 02:12 pm
I'm adding that to my bookmarks
JiveHamSlicer [URL] 06.11.2005 12:17 pm
SHRED!!!! http://www.guitarshredshow.com/
HiP.P [URL] 06.11.2005 04:17 am
@fifitrixibelle666 - oh yeah?
fifitrixibelle666 06.11.2005 12:07 am
oh yeah!!!!
nomadchicken 16.10.2005 02:17 am
flange flange minge flange flange minge flange flange mine ANAL SEEPAGE!!!
Dee O Double G! 04.09.2005 02:15 am
Jive 31.08.2005 01:47 am
what the fk am I onabout bye
Jive 31.08.2005 01:46 am
.....how did you guess ?
Jive 31.08.2005 01:46 am
yes thats right I am using a modem and I wanted to forward port 80 to my web server using Windows Internet Connection Firewall but I didn't have a way to test wether it was working or not.....
Jive 31.08.2005 01:44 am
oh and this - (Hungary is FAST) http://www.proxyblind.org/list.shtml
Jive 31.08.2005 01:43 am
too much black here - i cant tell wtfs goin on http://www.google.co.uk/search?hl=en&q=switchproxy+tool&btnG=Search&meta=
Jive 31.08.2005 01:41 am
u might like this:
Clinton 1488 19.07.2005 12:02 am
Where are you HiP.P havent seen you online in ages, got a cool little toy you will like to see but I need a bit of help with it. Contact me as soon as you get this
me again [jive] [URL] 18.07.2005 04:39 am
fuck now you made me naw my own leg off again you bastard
me [URL] 18.07.2005 04:38 am
a survey has shown that 9 out of ten ppl who do surveys are introspective anally retentive backwards thinking sad gits called steve
HiP.P [URL] 05.06.2005 02:21 pm
@fig .... thank you
fig 05.06.2005 02:18 pm
oh freddled grunt buggly my mecurations are to me as plurddled gabbleblotchits upon a lurged bee
HiP.P 31.05.2005 06:21 am
@Buckaroo: will you be my new mummy?
Buckaroo 31.05.2005 12:25 am
Terror is timeless, god is a Dj, I am a Dj.
Laurie 22.04.2005 06:52 pm
Get your ass to mars -Get your ass to mars -Get your ass to mars -Get your ass to mars -Get your ass to mars -Get your ass to mars -Get your ass to mars -Get your ass to mars -Get your ass to mars